Cairns man who binged on ice feared dead after attempting to have sex with crocodile

Authorities hold little hopes of finding a 26-year old local man alive after he was attacked by a wild saltwater crocodile at Clifton Beach, north of Cairns.

The identity of the man is yet to be released until his next of kin can be formally notified, but his friends who witnessed the incident say the man had been impaired after smoking a large quantity of the illicit drug ice.

“He gets completely out of control when he’s on the gear,” said one of the man’s friends who spoke to Cairns Times. “We kept telling him to cut back a bit, because we were a bit worried, to be honest, but we never expected anything like this.”

The friend told of how the 26-year old began acting strangely after smoking a large amount of the drug. “We tried to get him to calm down but he was running all over the beach and acting like an idiot.” However, the man’s friends saw no cause for concern. “In the past he’s just run out of energy and slept it off, and he’s always been fine the next day.”

However, on this occasion, the man would make a fateful decision while his judgement was impaired by the drug. “He was a few hundred metres down the beach when he started pulling his clothes off,” said the friend. “We thought he just wanted to streak or something but then up ahead we were shocked to see a croc.”

The group of friends shouted at the man to leave the crocodile alone, which was estimated to be around 2 metres long. “We were worried he was so off his face on ice he’d try to provoke it, but nothing would prepare us for what he did next.”

According to the friend, the man – now naked – leapt at the crocodile and started trying to have intercourse with it. “We were still a fair distance back, but I reckon he just about got it in,” said the witness. “Of course, the croc wasn’t having a bar of it, and it started thrashing around like crazy.”

The man’s friends were powerless to help as the crocodile clenched its jaws across the man’s torso and hauled him into the water. “There was some thrashing around under the water for a few seconds before nothing – it was just still,” said the distraught friend.

The group soon raised the alarm and a search party were called out, but no trace of the man has been found yet. Rescuers hold grave fears for the man’s safety. “To be taken by a croc in those circumstances I wouldn’t be optimistic for him surviving it,” said one of the rescue team.

The man’s unusual behaviour is being blamed on his overuse of the drug ice, which experts say can have increase a user’s sex drive. “In this case, with the man’s body under the influence of the drug, my conclusion is he became delusional and thought attempting sex with a crocodile was a perfectly sane act,” said a health official with experience in treating ice addicts. “This case serves as yet another reminder to anyone who uses, or is thinking about using methamphetamines, that there can be serious, deadly consequences to these drugs.”