Disadvantages of using human growth hormone

Every medicine and drugs have their side effects and human growth hormone too. Human growth hormone is well known to increase growth in growing children and increase bone and muscle strength too. But there are various disadvantages of consuming this hormone that are listed below.

Disadvantages of using HGH –

Affects development in girls – Consuming human growth hormone can result in Turner’s syndrome that affect development in girls especially. Women have tow chromosomes in their body which are X and Y chromosome. Getting affected by Turner’s syndrome cause women to have X chromosome which causes development issues and infertility too.

Results in poor muscle tone – The one of the disadvantages of human growth hormone is that it can result in Prader Willi syndrome which is featured by low learning abilities, feeling of more hunger and several growth deficiencies.

Kidney diseases – Human growth hormone can be held responsible for chronic kidney diseases such as alport syndrome, fabry disease minimal change disease etc. Human growth hormone when consumer in excess amount can cause severe effects to kidney and born several diseases.

Decrement in children birth size – It has been observed that parents that have consumed HGH have their infants born with low size than the usual normal size.

Causes Short bowel syndrome – This is a condition in which body is unable to absorb nutrients properly due to various intestinal diseases causes by Human growth hormone

Causes bone and muscles to degrade – One of the side effect of human growth hormone is that it decreases the muscle mass and bone density with the ongoing consumption. It affects the body in long term aspects and can have more severe effects on bones and muscles.

Side effect of HGH

Causes muscles and joint pain – HGH causes muscles and joint pain in the body as it is common side effect observed by the various studies.

Increases cholesterol level – Increase in cholesterol level has been reported by various studies and surveys conducted on mass populations. There are several cases of cholesterol imbalance in the body that have been registered last few years.

Mood Swings– The change in the mood is causes due to fluctuation of various hormones in the body which is causes by HGH.

Finally concluding that consuming HGH has various other disadvantages and risk involved that has been not reported or observed yet. Adopting natural ways for increases growth in children are much better ways than consuming HGH.


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